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Serving as constant visual eye candy for burglars at large, new and used automobiles featured inside and outside of car dealership parking lots are a tempting score that must always be monitored for theft and damage. In many cases, these products represent the entire physical investment for the dealership owner, thus, security is paramount. Special Services Bureau has a wide range of security surveillance, alarm monitoring and response solutions.

Car dealership owners with the understanding that a more specialized brand of security services are needed can always count on Special Services Bureau to provide the right solution. Special Services Bureau blends a powerful mix of high technology with a talented and highly experiences security staff to ensure that your valuable assets always receive the maximum protection.

Additionally, our various security resources and formidable visual prominence at your premises, will always serve to deter crimes of any kind from occurring in the first place. In this specialized capacity, Special Services Bureau guards should be the only guards you should consider for your dealership.

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