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Food and Beverage Industries

Key to ensuring the quality and integrity of each consumable product that is produced in the country is the security of all goods that go into making it. Raw food and beverage ingredients are shipped in from all across the nation, and the world, each of which must be carefully scrutinized and securitized to ensure total safety. Once on site, all ingredients, as well as employees involved in their production into final products, must be under constant vigilance.

The same careful controls apply to companies involved in the distribution and sale of finished consumable products, where logistical and point-of-sale security concerns are of utmost importance. Special Services Bureau provides effective security services that are designed specifically to address the needs of companies involved in the production, distribution and sale of food and beverage products.

Whether you manage a food processing company, a distributorship or a supermarket, we have the right security solution for your operation. By leveraging our comprehensive suite of security technologies and our vast network of trained security personnel, Special Services Bureau helps to keep America healthy.

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