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Recreation and Entertainment

Recreational activities play an integral role in our daily lives. Activities, such as going to the zoo, the aquarium, or seeing your favorite movie, form bonds that have lasting effects. As such, America has enjoyed an enduring relationship with 'the silver screen' spanning several generations. To this day, going to the movies on a Friday or Saturday night has been a tradition for millions of families all across the nation. Couples, young and old, congregate in movie theaters to see the latest and greatest stars on 'the big screen.'

The costs associated with the movie-going experience, including tickets, beverages and snacks, have seen remarkable increases in the last decade, which have caused patrons to bring much more cash to the theaters. Thieves and muggers have been privy to these developments, as well as the fact that many theaters feature vast stretches of property, which are poorly protected and difficult to monitor and secure. As a result, movie theaters represent a prime target for criminals to carry out their planned depravities. Movie theaters, which cater exclusively to local communities, where word of mouth travels fast, can experience negative ratings/reviews that can quickly drive down attendance, especially when considering the powerful effect of social networking Websites. A theater's viability can be tied directly to its ability to keep its patrons safe and secure.

Special Services Bureau provides effective security services that are designed specifically to address the needs of movie theaters and other recreational establishments. By leveraging our comprehensive suite of security technologies and our vast network of trained security personnel, Special Services Bureau helps keep America's movie theaters and other recreational establishments safe and secure.

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