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Did you know that according to a recent federal study, 86 percent of public schools reported at least one crime during the 2005-2006 calendar school year? It's a tragic fact that our nation's schools simply aren't as safe and secure as they should be.

Our country's most precious resource is our children. Every day, thousands of educational institutions cultivate valuable academic lessons for our children, which will help them to excel in their future paths. Tragically, as many newscasts have reported, schools are not crime-free zones, and have very special security needs. Assaults, thefts, arsons and kidnappings are among several crimes that have a long track record in the American school system.

Additionally, due to their format, where groups of young people are gathered in various rooms to share in discussion, food and sport activities, schools can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria-caused illnesses. As a result, schools also present considerable health safety concerns, which is why security and safety matters are best left to experienced security companies with a long history of success.

Special Services Bureau provides effective security services that are designed specifically to address the needs of schools. By leveraging our comprehensive suite of security technologies and our vast network of trained security personnel, Special Services Bureau helps keep America's schools safe and secure.

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