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On Site Patrol Services

Special Services Bureau patrol units have some of the highest visibility rates, and we deliver maximum vigilance to deter crime, regardless of where we are patrolling. Our patrol services are effective, yet affordable, making them increasing popular among companies and organizations.

Our patrol services include mobile patrols, which are done by our trained supervisors, alarm responders and mobile guards. On a regular basis, we randomly visit and inspect your locations and perform the same security services that an on-site guard would perform. Mobile patrols will inspect windows and doors, lock buildings, arm or disarm alarms, remove loiterers, escort employees to their cars, and search for any signs of potential crimes or dangers.

Mobile patrols can use marked or unmarked security vehicles, and each patrol unit is equipped with onboard dispatch, GPS, and all the equipment necessary for emergencies or traffic control. We use tight patrol zone so we respond faster, and our dispatch centers are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our units keep daily patrol logs, which will provided to you on a weekly basis or as needed.

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