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Special Services Bureau Training

Special Services Bureau Training

We offer classes and training to help you become a LICENSED STATE-CERTIFIED SECURITY GUARD.

The law is clear:

"No person shall be employed as a security guard or act as a security guard unless that person possesses a valid registration card." – U.S. Security Guard Act of 1992.

Special Services Bureau provides to all Special Services Bureau personnel, and any qualifying individual interested in becoming a licensed security guard in West Virginia, the following required classes:

8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course:

Successfully complete this course to receive your training certificate, which you then submit to the New York Department of State, along with your security guard registration application.

16-Hour On-the-Job (OJT) Training Course:

All security guards must take this class within 90 days of being hired. This course is a follow up to the 8-hour course. It goes further into detail about procedures, laws and responsibilities.

8-Hour Annual Refresher Training Course:

As a security officer, you must successfully complete this course to renew your licensure each year. This is a follow up to keep you abreast of any changes in the law or procedures.

All individuals acting in the capacity of security guard are required to complete minimal training, but as a member of the Special Services Bureau team, you receive not only mandated training, but also ongoing and specialized training as needed to help you excel in your assignments, as well as to advance in your career as an Special Services Bureau professional.

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Security Guard Employment

Special Services Bureau offers more than just security jobs. We provide qualified candidates with exciting and rewarding careers in the security industry.

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